This holiday season, as we reflect on this past year and all that has changed in 2020, we at Brosnan Risk Consultants just want you to know that one thing remains constant: our steadfast commitment to providing the very best in security services to our clients and prospects.

Here’s just a bit of what we’ve done this year to be better able to serve you:


Brosnan’s Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) grew not only in size but also capability. Our regional experts now occupy over 10,000 sq. ft. of space and utilize over 90 workstations and 50 monitors in the largest and most sophisticated GSOC in the United States private sector. This expansion allows for more analysts to access the latest in integrated technology to keep vigil over what matters to you most.

Brosnan Headquarters has expanded to accommodate some of the best recruited expertise in the industry. This year we welcomed and brought onboard respected Senior Executives with decades of recognized experience from the Security Industry, Risk Mitigation Firms, Federal, State, and Local law enforcement, the U.S. Intelligence Community, and the U.S. Military. This diverse blend of expertise allows Brosnan to leverage an ever-expanding pool of knowledge and deep network connections to bring you relevant and timely intelligence and information when you need to know it. We now occupy two entire floors in our iconic New York location.

Brosnan’s Emergency Response Services were expanded and refined to meet the unique and dynamic threat environment that was 2020. Our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and Crisis Management Specialists responded to a myriad of rapidly developing events in 2020. Whether it was hurricanes, active shooter events or violent social unrest, we sent over 800 of our protection specialists to over 300 sites nationally when our clients needed us most.

New and Innovative Service Lines were launched this past year to meet your evolving needs. The Brosnan️ Strategic Response Teams (BSRT) were created to augment existing security programs and rapidly respond with specialized skill and precision during heightened critical threat events. Likewise, Brosnan’s suite of specialized services related to the COVID-19 Pandemic offered specialists to ensure employee and customer compliance with recognized safety protocols.

Brosnan Cares is what we call our ‘spirit of service’, not only during the holidays, but throughout the year. This past year we partnered with Meals on Wheels to bring food to those in need during the onslaught of the pandemic. We cleaned streets and sidewalks littered with broken glass and trash from upheaval and we handed out water to those who were thirsty during the long, hot summer.

A Corporate Citizenship Award was bestowed upon Brosnan Risk Consultants. We were honored and humbled to accept a Pinnacle Award and recognition from our local Business Association for our contributions to corporate responsibility in our community.

Brosnan’s ‘Save a Child’ Initiative was conceived and launched in 2020 to address the national tragedy of missing and exploited children. Harnessing the synergy of Brosnan’s integrated network of over 6,000 employees on-post and vigilant across the country, we have launched a public/private partnership to leverage our eyes, ears, technology and investigative abilities to rescue and recover those children who fall through the cracks and are prone to predatory trafficking and exploitation. We believe as a company that we are defined by what we do to protect those who are the most vulnerable among us.

With the spirit of the season in mind, it has been our honor and privilege to serve you during the past year. We look forward to being able to do so even more effectively in the future. From all of us at Brosnan Risk Consultants to all of you, we wish you the very best of holidays, peace on Earth, and safety and surety in all of your endeavors.


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Bryan Paarmann

Written by Bryan Paarmann

Bryan Paarmann is Brosnan's Chief Intelligence Officer. He retired from the FBI as a Senior Executive after over 30 years in government service, including 8 years as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army with both peacetime and combat tours, and 23 years with the FBI in both domestic and international assignments.

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