Brosnan's Security Intelligence Briefings take place each Friday at 1pm EST. They are moderated by Patrick Brosnan Sr, Founder and CEO of Brosnan Risk Consultants, and include security service insights and critical information regarding security guard services and the state of security guard industry. The following recording is from Friday, November 6th, 2020. 

The Civil Unrest & Post Election Intelligence Briefing is held at Brosnan’s Global Security Operations Center® (GSOC) at our Corporate Headquarters in New York. We are dedicated to bringing you the most current authoritative information regarding retail loss prevention and security services that we can in these troubled times. As one of the best security guard companies in the nation, we are committed to informing our clients and communities about any threat that can disrupt or negatively impact their lives and businesses.

Today's call deals directly with the 2020 United States Presidential Election results. This week’s security expert panel discusses what is happening throughout the United State from a security standpoint now that the Presidential Election is over. Learn about what you should expect in the coming weeks and months and you should evaluate and prepare your security measures for the upcoming holiday season.


Summary of the Call

During this call, our panel covers the ongoing 2020 Presidential Election results (or lack of them), the global COVID-19 Pandemic, the US economy and the stirring up of some areas of social unrest associated with the election.

The good news is that there was some positive information on the economy regarding employment rates this week and it appears that we are in a V-shaped recovery; however, if we get a second wave of COVID-19 and further restrictions significantly tie down business again, that could result in a job loss and a movement back down. The continued spending to reduce the pain inflicted by COVID-19 is adding to the quickly growing US budget deficit of 3.1 trillion, that may be very difficult for a divided government to manage. Fewer resources mean fewer services for people on the on the ground. A bureau of labor statistic indicates that over 400 people in this coming year will likely see workplace homicides. Two million Americans will experience some form of workplace violence with the desperation over basic needs increasing, and the psychological stress triggers increasing over the election results, unemployment, ability to meet their basic needs, and death, sickness, or job loss as a result of the pandemic.

Are there specific commercial or residential assets that are that that are at a higher risk for security threats? For example, luxury goods stores, residential properties, food and beverage industry, etc?

From a threat standpoint there are politically motivated reasons for riots, but for the most part it is a justification to get people together, and oftentimes these crowds can degrade into instances of mass looting; similar to what you would see in a post-hurricane event. Unfortunately, we see that civil unrest becomes a convenient excuse for people to loot and steal, and that is why we see some areas of retail hit harder than others - like fashion footwear. Clearly if you have a retail operation that sells high value items, you are going to be more of a target for wrongdoers looking for an easy opportunity.


Brosnan_Pat_300x300Patrick J. Brosnan
Founder & CEO
Brosnan Risk Consultants

Patrick J. Brosnan founded Brosnan Risk Consultants in 1996. He is a former NYPD detective with extensive field experience in the Robbery/Gun Squad and the Organized Crime Control Bureau. He was selected as the New York State Police Officer of the Year for investigative skills that led to the arrests of over 900 violent criminals during his career and was heralded by the Governor as a “one-man war on crime in New York City.”


Brosnan_Paarman_Round_300x300 (1)Bryan Paarmann
Chief Intelligence Officer
Bryan Paarmann retired from the FBI as a Senior Executive after over 30 years in government service, including 8 years as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army with both peacetime and combat tours, and 23 years with the FBI in both domestic and international assignments.


Brosnan_Franci_Round_300x300John Franchi
Senior Intelligence Director
John Franchi is a retired Senior Intelligence Officer with the Central Intelligence Agency, with service both internationally and in Washington DC. John is a recognized expert in geopolitical and transnational issues, counter-terrorism, counterintelligence and cyber issues.


Brosnan_White_Round_300x300 (2)

Eric White
Executive Vice President
Eric White began his career catching shoplifters and unloading trucks for Walmart. In his 17-year career with the world’s largest retailer he advanced to run several key security programs, including executive protection, crisis management, global readiness, enterprise risk management, aviation security, and homeland security. Mr. White also held similar roles at The Home Depot, and has been in the security technology consulting space for a decade. Mr. White is also a publicly elected official as President of the Bentonville Schools Board of Education.


Brosnan_Palladino_Best_Security_Guard_Companies_ProfileMichael J. Palladino
National Account Manager
Michael J. Palladino was elected President of the Detectives’ Endowment Association, Inc. (DEA) in June 2004 and was re-elected three times. He spearheaded contract negotiations and all dealings with the City, chaired the union’s Health Benefits Funds, as well as chaired the Trustees of the DEA’s Annuity Fund. He was also the former head of NAPO and a Trustee of the $38-billion New York City Police Pension. Fund.


Learn More About Strategic Response

Protests may not march past your physical building, but they might impact your supply chain or the ability for your employees to go to work when curfews are enacted. If your Business Continuity Plan does not account for social unrest, spend some time evaluating the potential impacts and creating contingency plans. 

All indicators show that it is not if but when the next violent protest will erupt. A little planning and preparation go a long way. Click the link below to learn more about Brosnan's Strategic Response Team.

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