PEARL RIVER, NY — On Election Day 2020, Brosnan unveiled its newly renovated 50,000 sq ft. 24/7 Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) located at its corporate headquarters in Pearl River, NY. The new facility is Covid-19 compliant under federal, state and local regulations.

The security and investigative firm founded by retired NYPD Detective Patrick J. Brosnan has dramatically increased the size, scope, and capability of the GSOC to more effectively support the essence of Brosnan Risk Consultants’ core mission of keeping people and property safe in uncertain times. Staffed by regional experts, equipped with the latest tools, and bringing years of experience in law enforcement, intelligence, and security operations, the GSOC is a significant force multiplier in Brosnan Risk Consultants’ ability to meet any security need, anywhere, and anytime. 

The Global Security Operations Center® (GSOC) consists of three mutually supporting components: The Brosnan Command Center® (BCC), Brosnan Intelligence Group® (BIG), and Brosnan Emergency Operations Center® (EOC). The GSOC and its components are part of Brosnan’s patented Smart Security Solution® which provides some of the most advanced security tools and comprehensive security services in the industry. The 24/7 Brosnan Command Center® (BCC) is physically located at the heart of the Global Security Operations Center® (GSOC). The expansion has increased the GSOC to 90 workstations and 60 monitors where operations’ specialists and intelligence analysts keep an unblinking eye on trends, events and situations that may negatively impact client operations. It is the largest and most advanced GSOC servicing the private sector in the United States.

Bryan Paarmann, Senior Vice President for Operations and Intelligence at Brosnan Risk Consultants stated, “As a retired senior executive in the FBI and the former head of New York’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, I have been in any number of GSOCs handling critical incidents of both national and international import. The Brosnan GSOC rivals and in some cases, surpasses many of those command posts. It is truly state of the art and definitively contributes to a best-in-class security service delivery and crisis management platform.”

John Franchi, Senior Intelligence Director for Brosnan and a former Senior Intelligence Officer within the CIA stated that, “The ability to integrate both tactical and strategic intelligence in one location and apply that rapidly to effective threat mitigation through operations makes the Brosnan GSOC a differentiator in the Security world. It’s a game changer.”

Integrating cutting-edge technology and insightful analytics, the GSOC provides both strategic and tactical situational awareness, real-time crisis management and thoughtful risk mitigation. It also provides advanced 24/7/365 monitoring capabilities allowing for more rapid and informed decisions regarding the integrity of client assets, safety of employees and customers, performance metrics and operational continuity.

In an uncertain world, the Brosnan GSOC offers a customized solution to each client’s unique requirements and needs.

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About Brosnan Risk Consultants

Headquartered in New York, and operating in 46 states and select U.S. territories, Brosnan has leveraged evolving technologies over the past 25 years to reduce organizational risk to clients. Brosnan focuses on leveraging manpower, data and technology to deploy its patented Smart Security Solutions for their customers to mitigate issues before they become threats.

Their suite of products and services include: Security Officers, Executive Protection, Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery, COVID-19 protection, Comprehensive Risk Consulting, Employee Background Screening, Security Software & Technology, Systems Integration and Investigations.


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