20 Sep, 2023

Brosnan's EOC Hurricane Capabilities

The Brosnan EOC Provides Best-in-class Hurricane Response

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17 Dec, 2020

Security Concerns for COVID-19 Vaccinantion and Distribution Centers

Operation Warp Speed (OWS) is a key pillar of President Trump’s strategy for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. It is a historic effort...

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09 Dec, 2020

Holiday Season Security Programs and Retail Loss Prevention

The holiday season is upon us, and, regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, holiday shoppers are still visiting brick & mortar retail stores and shops. But...

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03 Dec, 2020

Emergency Response Protocols Help Keep Your Customers and People Safe

Your security guards are your first line of defense against crime and theft. But what about emergency situations? There should never be any confusion...

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25 Nov, 2020

Brosnan's 2020 Highlights - Our Security Services Year in Review

This holiday season, as we reflect on this past year and all that has changed in 2020, we at Brosnan Risk Consultants just want you to know that one thing...

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19 Nov, 2020

The Top 15 Traits of the Best Security Officers

What should you be looking for when you hire a top Security Guard Company? At Brosnan Risk Consultants we have minimum criteria that we consider when we...

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18 Nov, 2020

Retail Loss Prevention and Protection During Periods of Civil Unrest

The Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC) holds their IMPACT conference every year as an opportunity for security services and loss prevention industry...

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16 Nov, 2020

Announcing Brosnan's New 24/7 Global Security Operations Center (GSOC)

PEARL RIVER, NY — On Election Day 2020, Brosnan unveiled its newly renovated 50,000 sq ft. 24/7 Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) located at its...

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24 Sep, 2020

Preparing Your Business for 2020 Election Social Unrest

Security services during periods of political unrest has been a hot topic in the commercial real estate and brick-and-mortar retail business industries...

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